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Red Lion Christian Academy students arrive and/or depart from the campus via personal transportation or by bus service.  Bus service is provided by the school for an additional fee which is noted on the Tuition and Fee Schedule.  Families who are interested in bus service must complete the form below and submit in advance of the school year for inclusion in the bus route planning process.  

Bus Rider Request Form


Red Lion follows specific traffic patterns.  Staff direct these traffic patterns in the morning and afternoon.  It is important for drivers to yield to staff, pedestrians, and buses.  Students arriving by car are to be dropped off only in the area between the Upper School and Tall Oaks buildings.  This area is designated for curbside drop-off in the morning.  In the afternoon, Tall Oaks uses these lanes for curbside pick-up.  Red Lion Lower School families utilize a vehicle curbside pick-up procedure in front of their building.  Red Lion Upper School families park and students meet parents at their vehicles.  Please view the provided slideshow for maps and further instructions on Red Lion Campus Traffic Patterns


The Lower School parking lot (near the playground and athletic fields) has been designated as parking for parents who walk their children into the school buildings as well as Lower School staff.  The small church parking lot is for staff, handicapped individuals, and families with infants.  The front horseshoe shaped parking lot is for faculty, staff, student drivers, visitors  and at the end of the day, parents parking to pick-up their Upper School children.  Drivers may not park in the posted fire lanes or handicap spaces or they are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

  • The driver will carry contact information for each student on his/her bus route.
  • The driver will release young students only to authorized individuals and will make contact with parents/guardians if necessary to ensure a child’s safety. If contact cannot be made, and no one is at the bus stop to receive the child, the bus driver will return the student to school and check them into After Care.
  • The driver will enforce any regular school rules.
  • Students must be on time for bus. Buses leave in the afternoon at 3:10pm.
  • Students should never stand or play in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  • Students must sit in seats and are not permitted to stand.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the bus except at their regular bus stop without written permission from a parent.
  • Please notify the Director of Transportation, Mr. Joe Bunting, and homeroom teacher if a student will not be riding the bus.  Mr. Bunting may be contacted via email jbunting@redlionca.org
  • Excessive noise, throwing objects or blocking the aisles are not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to throw objects from or put body parts out of the windows.
  • Students are not permitted to occupy the driver’s seat or to play with any control equipment.
  • First Offense ‐ Discipline and office notification
  • Second Offense ‐ Discipline, office, and parent notification
  • Third Offense - Student will no longer be permitted to ride the bus

Red Lion Christian Academy

Christ Centered Campus 

Red Lion offers a refreshing biblical alternative to support and reinforce the Christian values you teach at home.  

Friendly School Family

Red Lion provides a welcoming school environment for new and returning students.  

Focused on the Future

"Preparing spiritually and academically in order to be used by God to impact their world for Jesus Christ."

Sam Osbourn, Principal

Artistically Gifted

Come explore your God given gifts under the direction of our dedicated instructors.  Learn techniques to improve and master your skill.

Performing with Christ-like Character

"Our primary goal is to cultivate strong Christian men and women on and off the sports fields."

Athletic Director Bonvetti

Pray without Ceasing

Red Lion students and staff experience prayer throughout all aspects of the school day growing closer in their relationship with Jesus every moment.  

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Engaged and Participating

Whether at chapel, in the classrooms, on sports fields, or at special events, students are engaged and participating.  Come and experience the vitality of school life at Red Lion! (Talent Show)

Securing the Future

Many students attend Red Lion for their entire school experience. Giving impacts today's students and future generations for Christ.

Psalm 22:30-31

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