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RLCA Elementary participated in a Reach Schools campus wide Prayer of Convocation. Tall Oaks, Journey and GCA came together with RLCA students, faculty, staff and many parents to pray for the Lords blessing on this 2017-18 school year.
Our garden has been very fruitful again this year. In only a few short weeks the seeds we have planted are ready for harvest. First out of the ground are the radishes, harvested here by Mrs. Murphy's 4th grade class.
The weather was perfect to practice a little "plein air" Art. (thats French for Art done outside) Students from kindergarten drew pictures with chalk inspired by the season and the celebration of the Resurrection that we remember at Easter time.
Mrs. Arriola's Pre K 4s class marches through 4th grade showing off their fancy Easter bonnets.
Praise and worship was the theme of the RLCA Elementary spring concert held on April 4th. Students were led by music director Nathan Gioconda as they sang to the glory of God.
Everyone is excited about tonights Spring Musical. All of RLCA Elementary students took a field trip to Glasgow Church to practice for the performance. I hope we see you there!
Snow delights Mr. Petrauschke's 5th grade class. Where was this snow 2 months ago?
Third grade enjoys Gym class outside in the lovely spring weather, in FEBRUARY!
RLCA kindergarteners celebrate the 100th day of school by pretending they are 100 years old.
Fifth grade students display their 1st honors awards for earning all A's on their report cards.
4th grade students bow their heads in prayer at RLCA Elementary's weekly Chapel.
The RLCA family was blessed this December by the Elementary Christmas Program. All the Kindergarten students were stars as they brought the blessed story of the birth of our Savior to life.
Kindergarten students participated in the annual Thanksgiving Feast and Parade in handmade costumes.The food for the feast was cooked and served by students from St. Georges Vo-Tech High School
Kindergarten students surprise Mrs. Helton with bags of her fall favorite, acorns from a beloved oak tree by Ashley's Garden. What will she do with them? Think Johnny Appleseed!
Fourth grade students enjoy a few minutes before the school day begins catching up with friends. Red Lion is home away from home for our students.
The first harvest from the MaryBeth Huey Garden was a huge success. God has blessed the garden site with ideal conditions for growing delicious and nutritious vegetables. Here two fourth grade girls exclaim over the size of the Japanese Turnips being harvested. It was vegetables all around later that week. Some students went back for third helpings! What a blessing.
Summer vacation ends and Red Lion begins with inflatables and rock walls. Nothing could make the the return to campus better.
First grade history students share what they know with Ben Franklin during their spring trip to Philadelphia. Inspired elementary students enjoyed meeting a historical figure. There were "a ha" moments galore. Field trips are a wonderful complement to classroom instruction!
First Grade visited the Franklin Institute recently and students enjoyed many hands-on learning experiences. These two students had just walked through an enlarged replica of the human heart. Many of you may have done this in the past. The sound of a human heart thumbing through every sense as you pretend to travel through this organ is unforgettable.
Smiles abound as students head home after class Valentine's Day parties. Best yet, it's a long weekend due to professional staff development and Presidents' Day. No wonder these girls are so happy!
Skeletons are NOT so scary to third grade students! They understand all about the human body and the importance of our bones. Academics supported by hands-on projects makes learning memorable every day at RLCA.
Blades or skates, Christian music, and lots of friends make the semi-annual roller skating party a blast for students of all ages. Preschool through high school students enjoy the reserved skate time at the Christiana Roller Rink.
It's Spirit Week in Elementary! Students decorated hallways and enjoyed themed dress down days. This special time builds community within the student body and adds joy to the long cold months of winter. Praise the Lord for school Spirit Week!
Heading up the Thanksgiving parade is a fine looking bunch of kindergarten students. They are taking their role as pilgrims very seriously!
Special occasions call for class parties! These girls are making memories in second grade while they enjoy a short break from school work.
Students are full of smiles after receiving their awards certificates. Elementary students who earn an A for all courses qualify for First Honors. Students who earn As and Bs qualify for Second Honors. There are some happy students and proud parents today!
Yummy, yummy, yummy! That's what our third grades students said after enjoying some real life stone soup. Who knew learning literature genres could bring so much joy? Mrs. Short and her inquisitive students, that's who!
Third grade students learned about the different environments needed for living organisms to survive. Learning is always supported by an accompany project so each child put their knowledge to the test by creating a diorama of one of 12 habitats. Our mini scientists labeled everything!
After an intense study of fish, some are feeling fairly fishy! Students created beautiful models and research packed reports on the fish of their choice. Just stunning!
Look up, look down, look all around! Third graders were overwhelmed by the incredible animal life represented at Adventure Aquarium. There was not a moment lost on this fact and fun filled field trip!

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