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School Fundraiser Approval Form

Yes, I'd like to help raise money for my school!
Please submit form at least two weeks before your event to obtain approvals.

If you selected "Other", please explain here.​​
Have you considered other school events that may be going on at the same time? ​​​Please go to the Red Lion Christian Academy home page, School Life page, Calendar. ​
If this is an event, please type in the time the fundraiser will start. ​
If the event is ongoing throughout the year, write in the dates it will be held in Activity box.​​
If this is an event, please type in the time the event will end. ​
Please provide the net amount that you plan to raise (the amount raised minus the amount spent)​​
Please describe the activity or item that you plan to sell. ​
Who is the intended audience? ​
Please describe how you will advertise the activity for your intended audience. ​​
Please name the tasks that the volunteers will complete, if the volunteers are students, parents, or staff, and if you have discussed this event with them. You do not have to have commitments from the volunteers at this time. Include an estimate of the amount of time to be spent on the task. For example, 5 unnamed students will spend two hours to find a business to donate soda for the event. ​​​
Please list the businesses from whom you plan to purchase items or from whom you expect to ask for a donation. If none, write n/a​​​​​

Thank you for contributing to our schools!

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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Many students attend Red Lion for their entire school experience. Giving impacts today's students and future generations for Christ.

Psalm 22:30-31

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