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Tri-M Music Honor Society

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is a program of NAfME (National Association for Music Education). The three M initials stand for Modern Music Masters.  The purpose of this organization is to inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for learning, stimulate a desire to render service and promote leadership in the music students of secondary schools. Tri-M focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy. Tri-M is the only national honor society for student musicians in middle and high school. There are more than 1,800 chapters across all 50 states, involving more than 75,000 students.

Tri-M recognizes outstanding music students and the importance of music education. The RLCA chapter of Tri-M strives to inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, and promote leadership in the music students of our school.

The purpose of the RLCA chapter will be to:

  • Provide an appropriate method for recognizing the musical achievements of our members
  • Strengthen our school’s music program
  • Help our members reach their full musical potential
  • Motivate and recognize our members’ musical and personal achievements and grades
  • Encourage our members to work together toward the same goals
  • Inspire and challenge our members
  • Focus public attention on our school’s program through community service and performances

The chapter adviser is responsible for candidate selection. Chapter advisers will provide a written description of selection procedures to all music students and parents.

Membership Criteria

  • Music Participation – Candidates must have been enrolled in a school-sponsored music ensemble and/or class for at least one semester of the current school year.
  • Academic Achievement – Candidates must have maintained for the previous semester at least a B average grade or equivalent in music, with at least a cumulative C average grade or equivalent in other academic subjects.
  • Leadership – Candidates are encouraged to have leadership roles in school, their local church or community.
  • Service – Service is a major part of Tri-M. The RLCA chapter requires 10 service hours per academic school year. The service hours may be satisfied as a club or individually. All projects must be approved by the chapter adviser prior to beginning the project. The Tri-M service hours are above and beyond any service hours required by RLCA for graduation, or any other organization at RLCA.
  • Character – Candidates are encouraged to demonstrate “the fruit of the spirit”, as well as respect, responsibility and trustworthiness.


Chapter members have the opportunity to be recognized for their leadership qualities and accomplishments.  The chapter adviser will nominate the members for their awards.  Recognition can be awarded for:

  • Master Musician – Member who excels in music, is highly qualified as a performer with a basic knowledge of music theory, has achieved success in the performance field, and has been particularly active in performing in school and community functions.
  • Tri-M Leadership – Member who is a prominent leader for school, chapter, church, and community organizations and activities in addition to his or her involvement with music. Candidates need not be award-winning musicians to be considered.
  • Tri-M Outstanding Service – Member who has demonstrated exceptional examples of service through school, chapter, church, and community organizations and activities in addition to their involvement with music.
  • Honor Ensemble Participation – Member who is selected to represent their school in a music honor ensemble.

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