Mrs. Huey is our well loved Early Education Administrative Assistant. She has been home taking some very serious medicine for the last few months and getting well. Our EEC students and staff miss her dearly and sent a very special video birthday greeting. MaryBeth's birthday is April 9th. Happy Birthday Mrs. Huey! We love you! Check out the video birthday card by visiting our Meet the Lions page.
Mrs. Greer's Science Class just completed a unit on invertebrates. In this unit they learned that invertebrates are animals that do not have backbones. They were able to examine live worms and observe a working ant farm. Students also made a lap-book in which they compared the main groups of vertebrates (animals with backbones) with the main groups of invertebrates (animals without backbones). As a culminating project the students were asked to make an invertebrate animal from a specific invertebrate group. For example, Morgan, Madison and Taylor made a crab for the arthropod group. Other animals that were created were octopuses, snails, earthworms, leeches, spiders, ants, starfish, sea urchins, a dragonfly, and a sand dollar. When all the students' projects were completed they were displayed on the 2nd grade bulletin board.
This year, 8th grade students were given the opportunity to share their expertise on a topic that they researched under the theme, "Rights and Responsibilities in History." The students were required to choose a topic from American History, since that is the focus of their curriculum in 8th grade. Topics varied from Fort Delaware to the story of Curt Flood and Free Agency in Baseball. Project formats included museum exhibits, documentaries, web sites, historical papers, and even a performance! Many of our students did a fabulous job on their projects and will move on to the state competition on Saturday, April 12th at the Del Tech Stanton Campus. We are very proud of the work done by these students. Please join us in congratulating them: Josiah Williams, TJ Price, Katherine Forestieri, Morgan Kline-Hill, Anastasia Markakis, Abbey Smith, Diana Mihalko, Josh Brown, Emily Skelton, Anna Kim, Olivia Le, Yena Cho, Cole Murphy, Katie Larson, Chandler Driver, Bryce Persinger and Claudia Glover.
"This year is the first year I made it to the final round." And of course, it's Kathleen's first time going to nationals. Kathleen has the opportunity to be awarded $20,000 in college scholarships. We're routing for you Kathleen! Way to go!

Red Lion Christian Academy

Christ Centered Campus 

Red Lion offers a refreshing biblical alternative to support and reinforce the Christian values you teach at home.  

A Family Affair

Red Lion provides a safe and nurturing environment for entire families.  Join us in strengthening family unity through the one true foundation, Jesus Christ.

Focused on the Future

"Preparing spiritually and academically in order to be used by God to impact their world for Jesus Christ."

Sam Osbourn, Acting Principal

Artistically Gifted

Come explore your God given gifts under the direction of our dedicated instructors.  Learn techniques to improve and master your skill.

Performing with Christ-like Character

"Our primary goal is to cultivate strong Christian men and women on and off the sports fields."

Athletic Director Bonvetti

Pray without Ceasing

Red Lion students and staff experience prayer throughout all aspects of the school day growing closer in their relationship with Jesus every moment.  

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Engaged and Participating

Whether at chapel, in the classrooms, on sports fields, or at special events, students are engaged and participating.  Come and experience the vitality of school life at Red Lion!

Securing the Future

Many students attend Red Lion for their entire school experience. Giving impacts today's students and future generations for Christ.

Psalm 22:30-31

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