Preschool is a great place for middle school students to get Child Development experience. Family and Consumer Science students spent time with the youngest of the Red Lion student body and experienced learning through play. What fun! The EEC playground came alive with happy laughter as students played Duck, Duck, Goose, a favorite for kids of all ages.
First grade students carefully follow their teacher, Mrs. Cortilesso, back inside after a very successful fire drill. Like ducks in a row, they are alert and attentive. It is a joy and blessing when children have wisdom and self-control during critical moments.
​Senior Buddies help make sixth graders feel at home in the upper school. Seniors enjoy taking the edge off these younger students with fun activities and connecting. Sixth graders feel safe and secure as they learn the ropes from the most experienced students on campus. It doesn't hurt to have an upper school friend to run into in the halls! Students experience much more independence in the upper school and these former elementary students were well prepared and are ready for success.
The Red Lion Varsity Cheerleaders led Upper School students in celebrating a strong start to the fall sports season. Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Cross Country athletes were recognized and students had opportunities to play some less than serious games. Can anyone say donuts?

Red Lion Christian Academy

Christ Centered Campus 

Red Lion offers a refreshing biblical alternative to support and reinforce the Christian values you teach at home.  

A Family Affair

Red Lion provides a safe and nurturing environment for entire families.  Join us in strengthening family unity through the one true foundation, Jesus Christ.

Focused on the Future

"Preparing spiritually and academically in order to be used by God to impact their world for Jesus Christ."

Sam Osbourn, Acting Principal

Artistically Gifted

Come explore your God given gifts under the direction of our dedicated instructors.  Learn techniques to improve and master your skill.

Performing with Christ-like Character

"Our primary goal is to cultivate strong Christian men and women on and off the sports fields."

Athletic Director Bonvetti

Pray without Ceasing

Red Lion students and staff experience prayer throughout all aspects of the school day growing closer in their relationship with Jesus every moment.  

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Engaged and Participating

Whether at chapel, in the classrooms, on sports fields, or at special events, students are engaged and participating.  Come and experience the vitality of school life at Red Lion!

Securing the Future

Many students attend Red Lion for their entire school experience. Giving impacts today's students and future generations for Christ.

Psalm 22:30-31

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