History of GCA


History of GCA

In 2001, Glasgow Christian Academy’s weekly homeschool classes were started by a cooperative effort of a few families under the oversight of Glasgow Church. The original co-op met on Thursday afternoons and offered just a handful of mostly elementary and middle school classes. A few years later, Three M opened its doors to homeschoolers in the surrounding community; the co-op grew significantly, expanded its class offerings, and changed its name to GCA. At one point, GCA had about 300 students in grades Pre-K – 12!  

About 10 years ago, Glasgow Church changed its name to Reach Church and acquired Red Lion Christian School. At that time, GCA was restructured into a newly-formed 501C, separating it from the church. Today, GCA exists as ‘the Homeschool Division of RLCA.'  GCA also created a diploma program called RLCA at GCA. Students who report to this diploma program are eligible to play DIAA sports at Red Lion Christian Academy.

In September 2023, GCA’s Thursday classes began meeting at Ogletown Baptist Church in Newark while Tuesday classes continue to meet on the Red Lion Christian Academy campus.

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