Welcome to Glasgow Christian Academy


Welcome to Glasgow Christian Academy

GCA considers it a privilege to partner with families on their homeschooling journey. At GCA, teachers, parents, and students build community together focused on Christ. We seek to give God our best, not only spiritually, but with academic excellence as well.

GCA's unique program combines the benefits of classroom learning and the flexibility and joys of homeschooling. We serve families who want the freedom to homeschool while benefiting from a supportive community and high-quality, Christ-centered academic instruction.

GCA offers a full range of a-la-carte core and elective classes for preschool through high school. At the elementary level, parents teach core subjects like reading, phonics, and math while GCA offers enrichment classes that supplement the students' education. For middle and high school, GCA offers all core subjects and many electives. Students can take just one or two classes and complete the remaining subjects independently at home OR they can fulfill all their credit requirements via GCA classes. Not only do we offer Christ-centered classes, but students also have opportunities to build relationships with their classmates outside of the classroom through social events and ministry opportunities. 

At GCA, we view the relationship between teachers and parents as a partnership. The teacher’s role is to provide classroom instruction, communicate with parents and students, assign homework, distribute quizzes and tests, and assign grades (for graded classes). However, because GCA classes meet only one day per week, much of the instruction and learning happens at home. The parents' role is to commit adequate time each day to educating their child(ren). This could include reading a textbook to/with the child, reviewing concepts to ensure understanding, helping the child study for a test, offering feedback on a writing assignment, etc. When parents are engaged in the education of their children, students will gain the maximum benefit from GCA's classes. 

If after reviewing the website, you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to speak with you. Thank you for considering GCA for your family.