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Many people today hold that the purpose of education is to prepare students for future occupational choices and to make an economic impact in society.  Although a successful educational program does both of these, if a school system uses only these two standards to justify a strong education program, its educational philosophy falls short.  

Proverbs 9:10 states, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."  

Only through a biblical worldview with Jesus Christ at the center will students receive a complete education.

Reaching and Teaching Every Student

God has gifted every student according to His good pleasure and purpose.  At Red Lion, our goal is to ensure students are engaged and challenged academically at all times no matter what their achievement level. Throughout their academic career at Red Lion, students receive targeted, differentiated instruction.

Lower School (Preschool through Fifth Grade)

Instructors challenge and reinforce lessons within the context of their homeroom class. Classes are comprised of all levels of students and class lists are created to maximize learning for the overall student student body.

Upper School (Sixth through Twelfth Grade) 

Core classes in the Upper School are leveled by ability beginning in sixth grade. Curriculum and textbooks reflect this leveling.  Extracurricular courses are not leveled.  All courses are considered college preparatory at a minimum and increase in difficulty through honors and Advanced Placement courses.  In order for a student to receive placement in honors courses,  he or she must obtain an instructor referral and meet achievement test score and report card grade point average requirements.

1. College Prep
2. Honors
3. Advanced Placement

Elementary (K-5)

Elementary years are critical in the life of each and every child.  At Red Lion Christian Academy, we intentionally partner with parents to provide a family-style environment where Christ reigns supreme.

Elementary begins with kindergarten and a solid foundation is essential. Families interested in kindergarten at Red Lion Christian Academy are encouraged to review the entire program through the Grade at a Glance:

Grade at a Glance - Kindergarten

During the elementary years, students expand their world academically through differentiated classroom instruction and curriculum linked field trips. Academic excellence in line with consistent individual improvement is the key to maximizing student achievement.  Students explore their world through studies in the five core subjects, Bible, math, language arts, science and social studies, as well as through studies in related arts. Subject matter gradually increases in complexity from kindergarten through fifth grade.  In-school and after school learning provides students with a wide array of experiences so that they have the opportunity to discover and develop their God given gifts and abilities. 

Core Academics

Providing high level academic instruction that reaches every student and that is taught through a biblical worldview is the goal of the entire lower school program.  The curriculum materials (Christian coupled with secular) consist of a combination of traditional and innovative instructional resources, techniques, and strategies in all core subject areas.

  • Bible - Bible is not only integrated into all core subjects, Bible is a core subject and is taught in all grade levels beginning in preschool and continuing through high school.  Scripture memorization begins in our three-year-old preschool program with simple monthly verses.  In the four-year-old preschool program students learn and apply a new Bible verse each week.  In kindergarten, students begin memorizing using the accumulated memory technique. Kindergarten verses are tied to letters of the alphabet and geared toward character building.  Each week a new verse is memorized and the previous verses are reviewed.  Once students enter first grade, they are formally apart of the school’s accumulated scripture memory program in which all students, no matter what grade level, memorize the same verse each week adding additional verses to memory as the year progresses.  For first through twelfth grade students, the accumulated scripture memory program has three cycle years, and students have the opportunity grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s word as they return to the same verses in future years at RLCA.

  • MathSaxon Math - A Solid Foundation
    RLCA is utilizing Saxon Math as the foundation for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  Saxon Math has been used by educators for over thirty years and is known for its ability to help students grasp concepts and develop high level reasoning skills.  The focus is on not only increasing student knowledge of math facts and principles, but also teaching students how to utilize this information in complex, multi-step “verbal” problem solving.  Instructors engage all students, challenge accelerated students, and provide reinforcement for those who need more support.  Concepts are introduced and reviewed throughout the entire school year for maximum retention and application.

    ABeka Math - Advanced Computation for Accelerated Students
    In addition to Saxon Math, Red Lion accelerated math students are challenged through ABeka Math.  ABeka provides a rigorous computation program that helps students develop accuracy and speed as they apply concepts to more difficult problems.  Students who have met the requirements of the accelerated program receive small group instruction from their math teacher and also work independently.  Accelerated math students are responsible for the Saxon Math concepts, especially those that center on reasoning, as well as the ABeka material.  

  • Language Arts - Language Arts is not only a core subject but one of the most important as it impacts all other subjects.  Language skills are being developed very early on in preschool with letter/sound recognition, expressing thoughts/ideas, sequencing events, and demonstrating comprehension by answering simple questions.  Students move onto Kindergarten ready to read.  In Kindergarten teachers provide vigorous instruction in phonics and sight word recognition.  Students read well by the end of kindergarten and are ready to transition to first grade.  In first and second grades, students improve their reading skills adding vocabulary and special phonics sounds to their knowledge base.  By third grade students are reading to learn.  Phonics concepts are reinforced through spelling.  In first through fifth grade, there is a heavy focus on reading comprehension as students should not only read well but also understand fully what they read.  In addition to reading and reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing, and hand writing are key components in our Language Arts curriculum.  

    Shurley English - Starting in first grade and continuing through fifth, Red Lion Christian Academy utilizes Shurley English for its grammar and writing curriculum.  Shurley English has been utilized by educators for over 25 years.  The grammar portion teaches the parts of speech and sentence structure with a spiral approach.  Students are constantly identifying and labeling every word in every sentence.  Catchy jingles, leading questions, colorful illustrations, and regular review help students memorize and apply the concepts learned.  A wide variety of scholarly writing techniques are taught utilizing the grammar learned.  The result, stellar writing mechanics without any stress!

  • Science - Through Science students explore specific areas of study, giving them a glimpse into God’s creation and its innermost workings.  Life science (ie: animals, plants, ecosystems, habitats, classification, cells, human body), physical science (ie: energy, matter, force, machines), and earth and space science (i.e. lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere) are covered exposing students to various fields and providing a solid overview as they move into Upper School and the more specific studies offered at the 6th through 12th grade level. 

    ACSI Purposeful Design is utilized to teach elementary science.  The textbooks are current and rigorous in their content.  Teachers provide hands-on activities and experiments to make the content come alive. Field trips enhance lessons and encourage budding scientists to excel.  The fun and ease of learning science at Red Lion is unforgettable and provides many memorable experiences to support knowledge acquisition and retention.  

  • Social Studies - In Social Studies, students learn about our world and its people.  Preschoolers start with what is familiar to them, in subsequent years students are taught about people and places, from the past and current day, continually broadening their horizons.  Fifth grade culminates with an International Fair attended by the entire elementary school.  Hands on projects and field trips are built into the curriculum to help students enjoy and fully grasp what they are learning.
    • First Grade - Focus: Developing a Christian worldview of the family, community, America, and the world.
    • Second Grade - Focus: Developing a Christian perspective on United States history from Native Americans to the founding of the independent nation.  A highlight of second grade is participating in the Thanksgiving parade in period costume.
    • Third Grade - Focus: Learning about the founding and growth of a new nation from a Christian perspective.
    • Fourth Grade - Doors of Opportunity:  Nineteenth-Century America (1769-1903)
      Highlights of fourth grade include the class presidential election and small business unit through which students actually earn funds which support the senior mission trip.
    • Fifth Grade - Time period 1900 - 2009 - Highlights of fifth grade include a biography unit and the International Fair.  The biography unit culminates with a first person presentation of the famous person each student studied.  The International Fair fills our entire gym with exhibits from all over the world that engage all our senses.
  • Foreign Language - Red Lion Christian Academy believes that learning a foreign language and experiencing the culture of other countries is foundational to a biblical worldview. Elementary students begin foreign language study in kindergarten and continue through fifth grade.  Spanish is taught once a week by a specialized instructor. Vocabulary is studied and students learn to write and speak basic phrases and conversational expressions. Students are prepared for a more intensive study of Spanish as they enter sixth grade.

  • Related Arts/Specials - Core subjects are supported by related art classes to ensure students are well rounded and have an opportunity to experience and develop interests in art, computers, music, and physical education. Related art classes take place once a week and are graded.  Students also visit the library once a week for an ungraded lesson and to check out books for pleasure or projects.