School Uniforms


School Uniforms

Red Lion Christian Academy uniforms are provided by Flynn O’Hara.  All students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade must be in Flynn O’Hara Clothing and all with the Red Lion logo embroidered by Flynn O’Hara.

View the Red Lion Uniform PDF Here

There are 3 easy ways to order your school uniforms with Flynn and O’Hara.

  1. ONLINE: To view uniform options, pricing, and shop year-round, visit:

  2. IN STORE: Visit us at our closest servicing retail location:
    Festival Shopping Center
    404 W. Lincoln Highway
    Exton, PA 19341
    (610) 594-1970

  3. OVER THE PHONE: Flynn O'Hara's Customer Service Department is available Monday through Saturday year-round to answer questions, track returns, and place orders. Call them toll free at (800) 441-4122.


In addition to purchasing new uniforms directly from Flynn and O’Hara, parents can find used uniforms at the following places:

  1. PTF Uniform Resale Closet

  2. Facebook Uniform Resale Group - If you are interested in selling or purchasing used Red Lion Uniforms, check join our parent Facebook page here.