Discover Red Lion Christian Academy


Discover Red Lion Christian Academy

It is a privilege to share our school's offerings and a summary of the state of the school.  Truly, our teachers, facilities, grounds, athletics opportunities, and arts are among the finest in Delaware and our desire is to continually improve. As you browse through our website, you will see stunning facilities and a school life that is filled with joy. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is demonstrated in the lives of teachers and students. The Scriptures are taught and memorized as part of the fabric of the curricula. Our academics are rigorous as we set the educational bar high while balancing scholastic achievement with extra-curricular and support activities. Red Lion Christian Academy's offerings span from preschool through 12th grade and provide a Christ-centered, well-rounded college preparatory education for every child in your family.  

Red Lion desires to partner with you in equipping your children to excel through every stage of life. We believe that children are a heritage from the Lord, and we seek to glorify God in all our endeavors. Red Lion provides a foundation built on challenging and disciplined academics, creative and memorable fine arts, and character forming athletics, all filtered through a biblical worldview. It is our calling, as parents, grandparents, alumni, and special friends of students, to prepare this next generation. They are most certainly going to be called upon to be spiritual and national heroes for the marathon of life.  

I am thankful that you are looking to Red Lion Christian Academy as a partner in raising your children, and I hope that this partnership is one that continues for many years to come.  

It would be our pleasure to host you on our 37-acre campus, to help you experience the joy of our students, and to introduce you to our faculty first hand. We encourage current and new families to engage and interact with staff so that we may answer your initial questions as well as those that arise throughout your child's academic career. As partners in education, may we dream together, continually building upon the solid foundation found in Christ our Lord. I trust you will enjoy what you see on this website and on our campus. Our hope and prayer is that you will come to know Red Lion Christian Academy as a school...

Where Christ reigns supreme (Colossians 1:18).