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Loving and nurturing care for children ages 6 weeks to 2 years old.


Red Lion Daycare believes that all children deserve the highest quality childcare, and to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. We believe that we are an extension to the child’s family, and by working closely with the family, we can give children the best possible early care and education. Red Lion Christian Academy Daycare seeks to glorify God by partnering with families, churches, and the local community in educating future generations through Christ–centered training, applications, and example. While building stepping stones through playing to learn, our curriculum allows your child to develop social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills that give them goals and objectives to succeed in life. We strive to encourage a love for learning in every child by maintaining a fun-filled, secure and safe environment of care for each student.


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6 weeks – 12 months
Our Infant program provides children with nurturing classroom environments, educational toys and stimulating activities, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and immersive learning experiences. Our infant rooms are in a closed setting so that the crawling or walking infant can explore safely.


Our 1-2 Year Old Program provides opportunities for children to explore their environment and learn through play. The children are spoken to frequently and are encouraged to participate in individual and group conversations. Children participate in activities to help develop their fine motor and gross motor skills, along with singing, story time, and art. We also introduce children to self-help, social, and toileting skills.



The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum is to help children become enthusiastic learners. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts. Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners. We are teaching them how to learn, not just in Daycare, but all through their lives. We are allowing them to learn at their own pace and in the ways that are best for them. We are giving them good habits and attitudes, particularly a positive sense of themselves, which will make a difference throughout their lives.

Our curriculum identifies goals in all areas of development:

1) Social: To help children feel comfortable in school, trust their new environment, make friends, and feel they are a part of the group.

2) Emotional: To help children experience pride and self-confidence, develop independence and self-control, and have a positive attitude toward life.

3) Cognitive: To help children become confident learners by letting them try out their own ideas and experience success, and by helping them acquire learning skills such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions, and use words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings.

4) Physical: To help children increase their large and small muscle skills and feel confident about what their bodies can do.

The activities we plan for children, the way we organize the environment, select toys and materials, plan the daily schedule, and talk with children, are all designed to accomplish the goals of our curriculum and give each child a successful start in school.

Our belief is that young children learn best by doing. Learning isn't just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world we live in. In their early years, children explore the world around them by using all their senses.

Play provides the foundation for academic learning. It is the preparation children need before they learn highly abstract symbols such as letters (which are symbols for sounds) and numbers (which are symbols for number concepts). Play enables us to achieve the key goals of our early childhood curriculum.


To glorify God by supporting Christian families in training and educating students so that Christ may reign supreme in every aspect of their lives. (Colossians 1:18)


  • Treating each child as a unique individual who deserves to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.
  • Building a strong foundation for each child to grow emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively.
  • Encouraging a love for learning by maintaining a fun-filled environment.
  • Promoting a family-centered approach to the care of your child, through open communication and a relationship of mutual respect.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle, through our food and physical education programs.
  • Providing a clean, safe, and cheerful state-of-the-art facility.
  • Providing highly qualified staff who respect and love children.


We believe parents are our partners in education. By working together, we create a fulfilling and exciting learning experience for each child. We invite each parent to become an active participant in the daily life of our school. Regular communication keeps parents and teachers in sync with one another.


Call the Admissions Office at 302-834-5020 or email