RLCA Chapel


RLCA Chapel


Once a week, preschool students come together for chapel  in the sanctuary.  They sit in the very front of the church like big kids.  It is a special service just for them and they know it!  The preschoolers sing kid friendly songs just right for their age.  Parents may remember these songs from their own childhood.  Favorites include “Jesus Loves Me,” “Whisper a Prayer in the Morning,” and “Deep and Wide.”  Afterwards, the Bible verse of the week is shared and presented to help them remember it and hide God’s Word in their hearts.  Chapel closes in prayer, and the students return to class.


Once a week, elementary students come together for chapel in the sanctuary.  Elementary chapel opens in prayer, and students pledge together as one school body to the American flag, Christian flag, and the Bible.  The music teacher leads worship with a group of fifth grade students who are willing and courageous.  Afterwards the Bible verse for the week is shared and presented.  This reinforces the lessons being presented in the classrooms and also gives another perspective to help students hide God’s Word in their hearts.  After the Word is shared, elementary closes in prayer.  Sometimes a lyric video will be shown at the very end of chapel to dismiss the students with further joy and enthusiasm for Jesus. 

Upper School

We believe it is important to bring all of our students together in order to foster community and spiritual growth. That's why, once a week, our upper school students gather together for chapel. Every week, our student led worship team will lead our students and faculty in a time of singing. After that, a variety of different speakers share about the good news of Jesus from scripture. Sometimes, we preach about a passage from Scripture and other times, we address specific topics or issues our students face through the lens of Scripture. Bringing the Red lion community together is always a highlight of the week!