RLCA Academic Resource Center


RLCA Academic Resource Center

At Red Lion Christian Academy, we recognize that most students need some type of academic support during key stages of their academic career.  

Red Lion Christian Academy’s Academic Resource Center offers a wide variety of services including short term academic assistance in specified subjects, long term educational support and interventions for students with learning disabilities, English language support for English Speakers of Other Languages, and speech therapy and vision services coordinated through Colonial School District and the Department of Health and Social Services.  In addition, we offer limited free tutoring through the Title One program.

RLCA’s Academic Resource Center works closely with parents, teachers, outside agencies, and physicians in the early identification of learning problems, and will provide referrals and guidance to assist the parents in obtaining a formal evaluation and diagnosis of learning disorders.

Academic Resource Center uses an educational team approach in formulating educational plans designed to maximize learning outcomes for each student, and will provide accommodations and modifications for qualifying Individual Educational Plans and 504 Plans from other districts. 

Most importantly, however, RLCA’s Academic Resource Center seeks to minister to the needs, goals, and personality of each student, so that each student grows in the knowledge of their unique worth and value in the sight of God.   Student strengths and gifts are highlighted in conjunction with addressing growth areas, so that each child has the opportunity to gain self-worth in addition to gaining valuable tools and perspectives in facing and overcoming academic challenges. 

  • The Academic Resource Center fee will be divided into monthly payments and added to your school FACTS account.
  • Academic Resource Center begins the second week of school and continues through the end of the school term.
  • Students who have been diagnosed with a learning disorder, have an IEP, or a 504 Plan are required to be enrolled in Academic Resource Center Support Basic Level or higher for accommodations to be implemented.
  • Colonial Speech Therapy students are required to enroll in the Speech Therapy program.
  • Attempts will be made to reschedule missed sessions due to student absence, but due to full schedules, this may not always be possible.
  • Sessions which fall on a school holiday, snow day, or all-school activity are not re-scheduled.
  • Elementary Academic Resource Center students will attend the resource center during their elective specials (gym, art, music, etc.)